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Chicago has been Epstein's home since our first doors opened on July 15, 1921. Over the ensuing 90+ years, our capabilities, services and reach have changed dramatically.

Originally founded as a structural engineering firm that provided consulting services to a solitary client, our Chicago office is now a full-service office providing our multitude of clients a complete menu of design, engineering and construction services. Additionally, our Chicago market coverage has equally evolved to include a wide variety of leading commercial, industrial and public sector clients. Epstein's Chicago office serves as the headquarters for our global operations and in this role provides leadership, direction and support for our satellite offices in New York, Warsaw, Bucharest and Veracruz.

Office Leads

Michael Damore

Board Member

Jim Jirsa

Executive Managing Director

Tom Smiles

Senior Vice President
Director of Engineering

L. Randall Buescher

Senior Vice President
Director of Architecture

Jason Chandler

Senior Vice President
Director of DesignBuild

Criss Paccione-Anderson

Senior Vice President
Director of Corporate Services


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Epstein Chicago

600 W Fulton St
Chicago, IL 60661

P 312.454.9100
F 312.559.1217

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