News / 1.8.15

Throwback Thursday – Arthur Winer, Inc. Office & Manufacturing Facility

First plant of its kind to be planned and built expressly for the manufacturing of men’s pants

We kick off the 2015 Throwback Thursday series by traveling back to January 1960 for a profile of the Epstein designed and engineered Arthur Winer, Inc. Office & Manufacturing facility in Gary, Indiana. This 41,000 sf modernist entirely air conditioned building was located at 855 Taft Street and was the first plant of its kind to be planned and built expressly for the manufacturing of men’s pants, or as they were called in the late 50s/early 60s – slacks!

This facility was very well received by the clothing manufacturing industry and for many years was the model for the production of garments throughout the United States.

Our work at the Winer facility was also admired by the Winer family and 10 years later in February of 1970 we doubled the size of the plant to 83,000 sf by expanding the manufacturing capabilities of Arthur Winer, Inc. with a larger sewing department, increased piece and finished goods storage areas as well as an enlarged cutting department.

Sadly Arthur Winer closed its doors in March 1990. Our building still stands, sort of, but it’s really been stripped of all its architectural charm. The Winer facility has been converted into an ‘AAble to Store It’ Storage facility and all the modernist charm has been gutted. The ‘glass box’ lobby has been in essence boarded-up and filled with dry-wall and the entire facility now looks like a great brick windowless fortress. Which if we are looking for a silver lining to this sad architectural tale – the Arthur Winer building would now be perfect spot for Sheriff Rick and his rag-tag group Zombie survivors to hide out in!