News / 1.5.15

2014 Epstein Employee Excellence Award Winners!

The Epstein Employee Excellence Award recognizes the top 3 individuals who best exemplified Epstein’s Mission and Vision in 2014.

Epstein's Staffing Initiative Committee is proud to announce the recipients of the 2014 Epstein Employee Excellence Awards. We would like to congratulate our winners as well as all of the exceptional nominees!

The Epstein

Employee Excellence Award recognizes the top 3 individuals who best

exemplified Epstein's Mission and Vision in 2014.



Epstein is a

multi-disciplinary design and construction company, focused on serving our

clients, empowering our employee-owners, and enhancing our communities.

Laura Flores

Laura has

provided innovative solutions on projects, added to the Epstein culture and

brought great value to Epstein. She has done a great job advancing the

reputation of Epstein in Mexico which will hopefully lead to more work.

Laura volunteers her time as part of the design team on ECF's Haiti Project and

is on the Board of a Chicago charity focused on the Latino community.




goes above and beyond to work in the best interest of our clients.

Whether it is finding creative solutions, or risk management, she always has

her head in the game. She is always there to improve something, to make

it easier, to find a better way, or to lend a helping hand. In addition,

Jennifer volunteers countless hours every year to giving back to the community.

Ryan Lezcano


eagerness to tackle any job embodies the open and professional company culture

that Epstein is striving for. His strong work ethic and positive attitude

are infectious. He is extremely dedicated and involved while donating

time and effort to the ECF projects and fundraisers. In addition, he is

involved in many community efforts outside of Epstein.


Laura, Jennifer & Ryan on your well-deserved honors.

This year we

had 35 nominated employees identified as deserving of these awards. Although

only 3 awards were given out, tremendous congratulations go out to all


The Epstein

Staffing Initiative Committee


Ed Curley

Jeff Fain

Mark Fischer



Becky Howe