News / 11.24.14

Cameron International Veracruz Update

Progress report on the construction activities on this $14.5M project

One of our big current construction projects is an expansion to an office and manufacturing facility for Cameron International in Veracruz, Mexico. Last week, our director of operations for our construction group, Aleisha Jaeger, had the ‘unfortunate’ assignment of leaving sub-arctic Chicago for a few days in Veracruz to check on the progress of construction activities on this $14.5M project.

During her trip Aleisha was kind enough to send us Midwest ‘Eskimos’ a few shots of the action from the warmth of Mexico. (Yes, you are correct, we are a little jealous of Aleisha) Aleisha’s shots show that the facility’s Middle Expansion is prepped for concrete pours which will occur shortly & the Distribution Center exterior has concrete paving being installed and floor slabs will be shortly also.

The Distribution Center target finish date is the end of December and the Middle Expansion is targeted to be complete at the end of February.(Perfect, another excuse for Aleisha to leave the tundra for the rain forest!)