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News / 4.17.18

Welcome to Epstein… Patrick Wyszynski!

Epstein is pleased to welcome Patrick Wyszynski, who joins our New York office as a Design Professional/Architect. His ten years of professional experience in the industry include multiple trades for a wide array of project types. Construction admini...

News / 4.16.18

Epstein Tackles Trail Gaps At 2018 Illinois Bike Summit

What, exactly, is the Illinois Bike Summit, one might wonder? It’s a large-scale meeting of roughly 300 bike-minded people, such as government officials, industry professionals and advocates, coming together from across the state to learn and network...

News / 4.10.18

55 West Monroe Expansion

Since 2014, Epstein has been the on-call building architect for 55 West Monroe, a 40-story high-rise office building in Chicago that was designed in 1981. In this role, Epstein’s interior architects have been called upon by the building owner, John H...

News / 4.9.18

Welcome to Epstein... Matt Helfenbein!

Epstein is pleased to welcome Matt Helfenbein, who joins the Structural Department. Matt is currently pursuing a Master’s of Engineering in Structural Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). Upon receiving his Bachelor’s degree fro...

News / 4.9.18

Welcome to Epstein… Kristin Callahan!

Epstein is pleased to welcome Kristin Callahan to the Epstein family. Kristin comes to us from CBS Chicago, where she was a Web, Digital Media Producer responsible for gathering, writing, editing and publishing news content for CBS Chicago’s website,...

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