News / 2.1.18

Seaboard Triumph Foods wins Quality Construction Award

Chosen by the Asphalt Paving Association of Iowa for Quality Paving – Parking Lot / Heavy Industrial

The recently completed Epstein designed, engineered and built $330M, 925,000 square foot Seaboard Triumph Foods (STF) Fresh Pork Processing Plant in Sioux City, Iowa was recently presented a Quality Construction Award from the Asphalt Paving Association of Iowa (APAI). At the APAI’s annual conference STF was chosen for Quality Paving in the Parking Lot/Heavy Industrial category.

STF’s award was based on quality construction criteria (longitudinal joints, handwork, edges, difficulty) which were rated by a panel of APAI members, consultants, Iowa DOT personnel, and APAI staff using a standardized rating form. 


So how much asphalt went into the STF project? Approximately 972,000 square feet of asphalt pavement which equates to a total volume of 22,000 cubic yards. Enough to provide parking for 1,190 vehicles and 306 trailers. And, if you were curious about the environmental impact from all this asphalt, 100% of the parking lot storm water runoff is captured and infiltrated back into the ground.  This method provides for groundwater recharge, removal of suspended solids, and prevents pollutants from entering the adjacent Missouri River.

Our thanks go out to the APAI for this award as well as to our asphalt sub-contractor, Barkley Asphalt, Inc. of Sioux City.