News / 10.1.18

Retrofitting Existing Hotel Assets – Façade Framing

Epstein recently completed an exterior renovation program introducing large-format tile rain screen on the exterior of hotel buildings. A rain screen is an exterior cladding system that prevents wind-driven precipitation from reaching the wall air and moisture barrier. In the early stages of the program, we worked with the client to develop a program to work with any existing building construction type or exterior wall detailing present at their existing buildings. Construction ranged from wood frame, to masonry bearing wall, to steel and concrete high-rise construction.

To support new façade framing for the large-format tile, and not pour new concrete foundations, Epstein introduced a steel angle at the base of the building, anchoring to the lowest floor slab level. The framing then gets laterally supported at each floor line, minimizing the penetrations through the exterior wall. By tying in at floor lines, we avoided having to support the new façade off of the exterior wall construction, which in most cases was not load-bearing.


Before (top left) and after (remaining) photos of the La Quinta San Antonio Downtown.

The entire façade framing and large-format tile support system was designed with off-the-shelf materials readily available in all parts of the country. As an added bonus, the light touch maintained the building's integrity for future PIPs.

We would be pleased to discuss any needs you have retrofitting existing hotel assets, tackling PIPs in a cost-effective manner or new development.