News / 12.11.18

2018 Epstein Employee Awards

Year-end employee recognition and awards

At Epstein, we love to give our employees awards to celebrate their hard work!

This year, the sought-after Employee Excellence Award was handed out this past Thursday night at our annual holiday party held at G-Cue to two individuals: Debbie Sretenovic, Sr. Project Architect, and Jeff McQuiston, Design Professional.

Debbie is someone who always tries to come up with creative solutions on the projects she’s working on. She is also open and honest, while keeping the best interests of our clients and our project teams in mind. Debbie is dedicated and drives open communication by speaking directly and empowering others on the team to do the same.


Jeff, also known as “Double Fistin’ McQuiston,” is extremely hard working and dedicated to getting the job done. He participates in every Epstein Community Foundation (ECF) volunteer opportunity he can, and even serves on the committee, showing his strong passion for helping others.


Many congratulations, Debbie and Jeff, and thank you for your continued hard work!

Additional Epstein awards include: Most Likely to Win the Lottery but Lose the Ticket, which was given to Darrin McCormies, our Director of Industrial Process Engineering; Most Likely to Become a Reality Show Superstar, presented to Industrial Process Engineer, Jon Scales; and Most Likely to Take over the World, given to Raveesh Varma, Senior Structural Engineer. Yes, we like to keep things interesting.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!