News / 12.4.17

Welcome to Epstein – Christina Stoczynski!

The newest member of our civil engineering group

Epstein is pleased to welcome Christina Stoczynski to the family.  Christina was born and raised in Elk Grove Village. In high school, she excelled in math and science and decided that engineering seemed like a natural fit. Which meant when she enrolled at the University of Iowa (Go Hawkeyes!) that she majored in civil engineering, and in 2014 she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering.

Christina comes to us from EJM Engineering where she worked on the design of roadway rehabilitation projects as well as public transportation endeavors like Bus Rapid Transit. In addition, Christina has design experience for the reinforcement and reconstruction of bridges and box culverts as well as helping in bridge inspections and the preparation of inspection reports. At Epstein, Christina is working on the replacement of the existing recirculation bridge at O’Hare International Airport.

Christina moved to the gold coast area two years ago and on weekends you can find her practicing yoga or hanging from the ceiling at Air Chicago.


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Christina also loves to travel and scrapbooking her trips. She has been to London, Italy, Ireland and Madrid.  Her favorite place though is Disney World where her inner child comes out.  Which is clear when you find out about her favorite summer job was playing Princess Ariel at Pirated Cove in Elk Grove Village! (Christina did you also have to sing Under the Sea? If so, our holiday party is coming up and were always looking for entertainment!)

Once again, Christina, welcome to the family!