News / 10.17.17

Epstein’s Linda Kanoski Participates in Habitat for Humanity’s Chicago Volunteer Day

Part of a CREW Chicago Women Build 2017 Team

Earlier this month, Epstein’s Linda Kanoski, with hammer in hand as part of a CREW Chicago team, participated in Habitat for Humanity’s Chicago Volunteer Day to help build a home in Chicago’s West Pullman neighborhood. This Women Build 2017 event, brought a ‘community of Chicago women together to celebrate strengths, have a blast, and create a permanent and affordable home for an incredible woman-led family.’ In addition, besides helping build the home, Linda, also was part of a group of over 300 women and companies who helped fund the construction and dedicated themselves to the tasks at hand with the goal of showing when, ‘women build, families succeed, communities grow, and our city thrives.’


To read more about this incredibly worthwhile and impactful event and the group behind it visit - 

Lastly, great job Linda, your Epstein family is proud of your charitable efforts and dedication to such a great cause!