News / 10.12.17

Epstein Community Foundation’s New Website & Grant Program

Plans to award two $5K grants in 2017

The Epstein Community Foundation, the charitable arm of Epstein, is excited to share the news that they have launched a website for the charity -  The website will help the ECF showcase the outstanding work the charity is doing in the community and raise awareness of its mission. And, if that wasn’t exciting enough, here is the big, big news! The ECF is thrilled to announce their new Charity Grant Program. The ECF’s plan is to award two $5,000 grants in 2017 to other local non for profit organizations to help them complete a project within our Chicagoland communities.  


This ECF’s grant program could really use your help in spreading the word. So, if you work with, or know of other charities that may benefit from the ECF’s help, please pass along this link to the grant application https://www.epsteincommunityfo... in your various social media feeds. Additionally, if you have family members, friends, and neighbors who are involved in local Chicago-based charities let them know about this program as well! 

Lastly, if you are a Facebook user please “Like” the Epstein Community Foundation page ( to further help the ECF spread the word on their mission. It’s the ECF’s hope to continue to widen their platform to create better opportunities for the ECF to serve our Chicago communities.


About the Epstein Community Foundation
The Epstein Community Foundation (ECF) is a charity that was founded in 2008 by Epstein employees with the goal of developing a partnership with communities to empower people to improve their lives. The ECF collaborates with local organizations to construct safe environments and mentor communities. This is achieved through volunteering time, sharing expertise, and contributing financially to help build a brighter future.