News / 6.20.17

Alinda Duda Featured Presenter at the Facility & Property Management Conference

Gives case study on the Epstein designed and engineered Bridge Building in Bucharest

This past Thursday, June 15th, Alinda Dudu, Epstein’s senior project architect and sustainability analyst for our Bucharest office, was a featured speaker at the 8th annual Facility & Property Management (F&PM) Conference, held at the JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel.


Alinda presented in the first section of the conference, called Design & Development of Sustainable Buildings, and her presentation was a detailed case study on the LEED Certification process for the Epstein designed and engineered Bridge Building, a 79,500 square meter speculative office development currently under construction in Bucharest.


The F&PM event gathered around 200 owners, tenants, designers, facility and property management specialists, under the broad theme of ‘Sustainable Operation of Buildings.’ At this conference, the local and regional perspectives faced by the real estate industry as well as information on the new technologies needed in order to stay competitive and to deliver high-performance buildings to clients was discussed.


In the context of an accelerated market evolution and an increasingly sophisticated demand from building owners and tenants, property managers and professionals are increasingly faced with the challenge of aligning the assets they manage (buildings, workspaces, technology, etc.) to the new requirements.


The high performance of buildings by creating automated facilities, reducing energy consumption and increasing the use of water, directly impact on the value of buildings and leads directly to superior quality of tenants’ interior space use.

All of these variables are under direct or indirect control of the Facilities, Real Estate departments, or under close supervision of Building Services Managers. These services involve considerable costs and have a significant impact on employees' productivity, safety and satisfaction as well as on the environment.