News / 8.29.16

Welcome to Epstein … Ramona Valeanu!

One of the newest members of our interior design group

We are pleased to welcome Ramona Valeanu to Epstein – the newest member of our interior design group.

Ramona is originally from Brasov, Romania and she received her Bachelor and Master's degree in Architecture from the Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest. (Romanian architecture Trivia: Ion Mincu was a Romanian architect who lived from 1852-1912. His style of architecture was a combination of Neoclassicism and Romanticism and is viewed by Romanians with such acclaim that in 1953 that the school of architecture was named after him)

Ion Mincu and the Romanian Palace of Justice

Ramona recently relocated to the Chicago area and is very excited to be working in a new environment. At Epstein, Ramona has been working on an innovation lab and R&D center for a leading Performance Nutritional Supplement provider.

During her time in Romania Ramona worked on a variety of different project types including retail, infrastructure, and residential. And, Ramona's focus in sustainability led her to obtaining the Passive House Certified Designer Certification which is a European version of 'green' design accreditation similar to LEED.

Lastly, Ramona is currently living with her husband in Northbrook and when not working she enjoys outdoor activities and traveling the world.

Once again, Ramona - welcome to the family!