News / 4.5.16

Welcome to Epstein … Rachel Nava!

Our new ‘singing’ specifications administrative assistant

We are pleased to welcome Rachel Nava to Epstein – our new specifications administrative assistant.

Rachel is originally from Fort Worth, Texas and she has been living in Chicago (Beverly to be exact) since 2010. Rachel is married to her husband Hugo and is a mom to Kennedy, Kevin, and Liliana (10, 9, and 23 months respectively).

Outside of work Rachel enjoys going to church, cooking, reading, and singing (badly) in the shower or car. As a chef Rachel is currently learning to make different Hispanic dishes, including her most recent dish - arroz con gandules which is rice with pigeon peas. On the reading front Rachel just finished Gone Girl and she says, 'If you've seen the movie, the book is way better!' And for the off-key shower singing the personal favorites include any songs from Frozen and Tangled. Or to be honest Rachel says any Disney song. Although her two year old loves to chime in with Adele's Hello. (BTW – Rachel, who doesn't?)

Arroz con gandules

At Epstein, Rachel is providing specification assistance on a wide variety of projects including the Seaboard Farms – Triumph Foods pork processing plant in Sioux City, Iowa, the Van Buren & Aberdeen high-rise apartment building in Chicago and the new AC Marriott hotel in New York City.

Once again – welcome to Epstein Rachel and get ready, our next company party we'll be sure to break out the Disney Karaoke in your honor!