News / 10.27.16

Throwback Thursday – Louis Milani Foods

New 20,000 sf process plant which produced soup mixes and salad dressings

For this week's Throwback Thursday trip through the Epstein archives we visit February 1952 for the opening of the new 20,000 square foot process plant and warehouse for Louis Milani Foods. This project located at 4106 S. Kildare, within the Crawford Tract of Chicago's famed Central Manufacturing District, was used to manufacture and distribute many of Milani 'famous' products including soup mixes, the 1890 French Dressing, salad oils, cocktail sauces, and seafood sauces.

This Epstein designed and engineered single-story facility which was built for $215,000 ($1.95M in 2016) included 4,000 square feet of offices, a private switchback and rail service connected to the Chicago Railway Junction as well as multiple truck docks for shipments and deliveries. This facility was Milani's first plant outside of California and was constructed to help Milani have the ability to respond much quicker to its clients' needs in the Midwest.

Sadly, the Louis Milani Foods company is no longer in business and this facility no longer stands, all that is left is an empty lot, but the Milani name lives on after being purchased by Kent Precision Foods Group, who today produce and distribute the 'famous' 1890 French Salad Dressing and Dill Sauce.