News / 11.8.16

Seaboard Farms – Triumph Foods November 2016 Construction Progress Update

Superstructure for the main plant is complete!

Here's our monthly construction progress update, courtesy of Jeremy Wright, our construction project manager for one of the largest projects we've ever undertaken as a Design-Builder – the Seaboard - Triumph Foods Pork Processing Plant in Sioux City, Iowa.

What you see here are few aerials of the 245-acre site showing our construction progress which Jeremy describes thusly,

'Superstructure for the main plant is complete with roofing and underground plumbing finalized at the center of the plant and working outwards. In the heart of the plant, the cut floor, slabs are well underway with the specialty Margia (Granite based form of concrete, specifically designed for the food processing industry) coating about 30% complete.'

'Our primary cut floor vendor is mobilizing this month to begin their equipment installation which will last through June of 2017. On the exterior precast of the office and barn is nearly complete and we continue to pour slabs in portions of the rendering building as our refrigeration and rendering equipment vendors continue on their scopes of work.'

'You'll note additional equipment arriving on site with the addition of the three water tanks near the rendering area and the large condenser units erected this month. Meanwhile, in the waste water treatment plant, the first lift of the wet well was poured yesterday and liner for the lagoons has arrived and will begin installation this week before cold weather hits.'

The 750,000 square foot Seaboard Farms – Triumph Foods facility is budgeted at $264M and is scheduled to be completed mid-2017.