News / 3.25.16

Fri’d Greens – Vertical Farms, Designing for the Future & Stopping the Sprawl

Sustainable Design trends and big ideas

This week's sustainable 'Fri'd Greens' finds courtesy of Epstein principal designer, Darren Hoppa NCARB, LEED AP…

Rogers Stirk Harbour tackles global food crisis with vertical farm concept - Dezeen

London firm Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners has revealed details of a concept for a bamboo-framed vertical farm that could provide an alternative to traditional land-intensive farming.

Resources / Design buildings for the future - ARUP

When engineering a new building, as well as considering what technology is available now, we should also consider how the development of technology might result in new solutions that could be retrofitted within the lifetime of that building.

Arup's "Thoughts" is a great website with a deep inventory of articles by their top innovative minds.

Stopping the Sprawl: 8 Reformed Suburban Housing Schemes - architizer

The question is how can architects and planners design for this inevitable suburban sprawl, while making them more sustainable and livable spaces for those inhabiting them? The following collection of housing projects begin to show some examples of "reformed" housing solutions for the suburbs that forgo the low-density individualized dwellings found in previous iterations.

*9 Things to keep in mind as decsion makers, from Janine Benyus: