News / 3.4.16

Fri’d Greens – Transport, Emissions & Daylighting

Epstein’s Darren Hoppa’s Top 3 sustainability items for the week

Every Friday, our principal designer, Darren Hoppa, NCARB, LEED AP, has been posting information on our internal intranet about three of the top sustainability items that have crossed his 'Twitterspace' over the last week – plus a bonus 'green' special interest piece. These 'Fri'd Greens' might be links to websites, articles, products, projects, and/or research findings. All are intended as educational sidebars to what we do as architects and engineers, whether directly or on some occasions a bit out there. We've found these sustainability insights to be quite interesting and therefore we thought we'd share Darren's 'Fri'd Greens' with you as well. Some of these items may be references, useful to you immediately and others may broaden the horizons of what we all may consider "sustainability."

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Weston Williamson+Partners Propose Transport Oriented Development in Hong Kong

The inner form of the building is sloped and punctuated at regular intervals with public parks, triple and double height agricultural zones and private winter gardens creating a green and organic core to the building when viewed from the harbor, reflective of the mountainous backdrop which frames the skyline.

Lower CO2 Emissions Could Save the US Billions

More and more economic research is suggesting that reducing emissions could actually save society money—partly in terms of public health. A new study published today in Nature Climate Change finds that, by removing harmful particulates and gases, strict vehicle and power plant emissions policies could have near term health benefits that translate into billions of dollars.

U.K. Firm Brightens Las Vegas Classrooms with Daylighting Technology

The product is an acrylic film that contains microscopic particles that increase the amount of natural light that can come into a room while allowing views outside the window to still appear normal.

FYI - We are in the process of arranging for 3M to come in and present their version of the technology for a Lunch and Learn. When that happens we'll let you all know what we learned.

*Berkeley Lab Scientists Developing Paint-on Coating for Energy Efficient Windows

Low-cost coating would disrupt the building retrofit market and potentially save billions in electricity.