News / 6.17.16

Fri’d Greens – Growing Buildings, Nature Inspired Materials & Forward Thinking Factories

Links to recent articles showcasing new trends and ideas in the sustainable design world

This week's sustainable design 'Fri'd Green' discoveries by Epstein's principal designer Darren Hoppa, NCARB, LEED AP include links to articles on buildings that 'grow, breathe and burn calories,' materials that are inspired by nature, and forward thinking factories. Lastly, Darren has also provides a link to how to insulate that weekend getaway. Enjoy…

Buildings That Grow, Breathe and Burn Calories – Harvard CBGC

Last fall at an exhibition in Chicago, something was pumping and hissing. Twenty-two tanks, all in a stack, filled with water and framed in wood. Weird art? But clearly it was some kind of wall system. So … weird architecture?...There's a growing consensus that it's time to tear down the strict division between "inside" and "outside"; to let light, breezes and data pass through the borders of buildings. Some say that tomorrow's buildings won't be hermetically sealed off from their environment. Rather, their environment will be co-opted to make them more efficient and sustainable.

Ten Materials Inspired By Mother Nature - Asian Scientist

When it comes to developing the right material for the right job, Nature has had a several million year head start. In the past two decades, materials scientists have been at the forefront of efforts to replicate the fascinating structures inspired by the natural world, breaking new ground in a rich area of study called biomimicry.

Map: Where to Find Seven Sustainable, Forward-Thinking Factories - Curbed

In many of the world's largest cities, teams of constructions cranes labor to build scores of skyscrapers, a few of which promise to be taller than anything currently standing today. But if you ask many observers to name the most buzzed-about building project in the world, they might sheepishly point not towards the financial district of a world capital, but to a dusty desert site in the aptly named town of Sparks, Nevada. …A $5 billion, 13.6 million-square-foot behemoth (Tesla Gigafactory) that will produce as much energy as it uses, the facility is part of a wave of sustainable, next-generation manufacturing plants and industrial facilities not only changing construction practices but proving that factories and industrial plants don't always have to mean dirty buildings and pollution.

And lastly, Darren's Fri'd Green bonus…

*How to Insulate a High-Performance Country Cottage – EcoBuilding Pulse

For all those out there spending time at a weekend getaway, here is how you can make it more comfortable and more sustainable. Mixing curb appeal with ground-breaking wall framing, this home could be heated with a hair dryer.