News / 3.18.16

Fri’d Greens – Going green makes you Happy & Healthy

What could be greener than a post-paddy’s day Fri’d Greens? These:

Greenery (or Even Photos of Trees) Can Make Us Happier

A growing body of research shows that people who spend time outside in sunny, green and natural spaces tend to be happier and healthier than those who don't. In essence, the data suggest, ''short durations of viewing green pictures may help people to recover from stress,'' says Magdalena van den Berg, who led the study at the VU University Medical Center.

Some thoughts from one of our resident HVAC experts, mechanical engineer, Philip Meyers, on the benefits of indoor plants:

'On that note and closer to Home, literally, for a healthier home environment (especially during the winter) having one large plant in each of your most frequently occupied rooms is an excellent way to provide new oxygen and moisture to your home. This eliminates high levels of carbon dioxide which cause fatigue and headaches in most people due to the lack of outside fresh air. Home heating units do not bring in any outside fresh air, they only recirculate the same air from the home.'

A "New Blue House" in Germany brings together energy industry, science and public sector

The driving idea behind the project was to unite the science and energy industry with the university in a collaborative effort to share innovative energy technologies with the public.

Hotels worldwide going green with LEED

Across the world, demand for green hotels is rising. Today, LEED-certified hotels of all sizes are found in more than 40 U.S. states, 31 countries and five continents. It's a movement sparked in part by guest preferences. According to a recent TripAdvisor survey, nearly two-thirds of travelers reported plans to make more environmentally friendly choices over the next year.

*GE wants to use carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as a means of storing solar energy

It sounds like a plan Doc Brown would have concocted and then hurriedly told Marty McFly about as a group of angry terrorists bared down on them, but this isn't the stuff of science fiction like a flux capacitor, this is very much based in reality. GE believes it has found a way to harvest CO2 and use it to create solar batteries, reports.