News / 5.20.16

Fri’d Greens – Energy Modeling, Power Generating Homes, and ‘Green’ Making ‘Green’

This week’s sustainable ‘Fri’d Greens’ finds, courtesy of Epstein principal designer, Darren Hoppa NCARB, LEED AP are …

Three Misconceptions About Energy Modeling – EcoBuilding Pulse

Building performance is becoming a greater priority, and the tools to predict it are becoming more accessible. So why isn't energy modeling used in every project?

8 homes that generate more energy than they consume - inhabitat

Your future home could make electric bills a thing of the past, and even help you earn money in the process. Plus-energy homes are popping up around the world, generating more energy than they use, and can even be set up to sell excess energy back to the grid. Beautiful, energy efficient, and increasingly affordable, these dwellings are proving the viability of renewable energy over fossil fuel sources. We've rounded up eight plus-energy homes that can produce more energy than they need…

*I saw a presentation on this house by one of Werner Sobek's architects. Really great stuff!

10-Year Study Shows Green Building Strategies Pay Off—in Real Dollars – Commercial Property Executive

In the past five years there have been various studies which present evidence on the linkage between green building certification and financial performance. While the results of these studies are remarkably consistent; skepticism still exists among property owners and managers. The recently-published findings validate two key points. Firstly, making buildings more sustainable is a wise investment (it pays). Secondly, tenants care about certification (the badge matters).


*3D-printed sundial takes on a different flower-like shape in every city - inhabitat

Your experience of the sun's path can change dramatically depending where in the world you are, which is why design studio prescription teamed up with Arup to create a sundial that can take on a different form depending on where it's located.