News / 4.5.16

Birds Eye View of our first Nest

Drone video of our first headquarters and the Central Manufacturing District

With the relatively recent introduction of high-quality drone produced photography and video we are now able to get unique views of the world we live in - especially high-rise buildings and large scale developments/urban infrastructure. Vantage points that really only our winged friends have previously been able to enjoy. With this in mind today we came across a drone video taken by Chicagoan Andrew Krumtinger on the website the that shows Epstein's heritage.

What was specifically interesting about Andrew's video was that much of the minute long video features the Central Manufacturing District's water tower building at 2011 Pershing Road – our first headquarters - as well as views of the CMD, a 265-acre industrial park that was the first planned manufacturing development in the United States. And a development that Epstein served as the chief engineer/architect for the better part of 30 years. Many of the buildings that still stand within the CMD's boundaries of 35th Street to the north, Morgan Street to the east, Pershing Road to the south, and Ashland Avenue to the west, were designed by Epstein for a wide variety of manufacturing and food processing clients.

The CMD Water Tower circa mid-20s

Here's the link to Andrew's video -