News / 7.14.16

95th Anniversary!

From humble origins to worldwide presence

July 15, 2016. A fairly non-descript date for most of the world, but a very significant one for Epstein. Why? Well 95 years ago, on July 15, 1921, Abraham Epstein, a recent Russian immigrant, founded our firm on Chicago's southwest side. Our original offices, services and client diversity was initially quite modest as we worked out of a small office located on the 7th & 8th floors of the Central Manufacturing District's (CMD) 'Clock Tower' building, provided just architecture and structural engineering, and primarily serviced just the various industrial companies located within the CMD. But in the ensuing decades we've grown, evolved and diversified to the point where we have offices around the world, provide a full-menu of design, engineering and construction services, and have a client base that covers almost every industry and market.

It should also be noted, and definitely not understated, that Epstein has thrived during a time period of enormous change. 95 years in which the our organization has witnessed the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War, the Space Age, Civil Rights Movement, Middle Eastern Turmoil, and the Tech Revolution. Our ability to adapt, survive and evolve all while staying true to our dedication to our trades and clients is one that we, the current Epstein employees, take immense pride. We say to this accomplishment, one that is the direct result of our current efforts as well as those of the thousands of Epsteiners that have been part of our great work family over these 95 years, thank you very much! And, lastly, here's to another 95 years!