News / 7.20.15

Welcome to Epstein … Jake Effinger!

Our new Badger-loving, marathon-running structural design engineer

We are pleased to welcome Jake Effinger to Epstein - our new design engineer within our structural engineering group.

Jake is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin (Go Badgers!), where he earned his Master's degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering with an emphasis in structural engineering.

A life-long Wisconsinite, Jake born in Milwaukee and grew up in Port Washington, a picturesque town known for its water sports, shopping in quaint 19th century shops and for having the largest collection of pre-Civil War buildings in Wisconsin!

Jake likes following Wisconsin sports (wonder why?), which is going to cause a little bit an issue around here during football season. Jake's favorite teams include, naturally, the Badgers (We'll let that one slide, this is B1GTen country!), Bucks, Brewers and Packers. (We'll just agree to ignore this one, OK Jake?)

Jake takes his sports fandom very seriously and enjoys going to any and all sporting events - which have included the Rose Bowl, two Final-Fours, and traveling to road Badger games, which has become a bit of an addiction.

But don't get the impression that Jake is just a Wisconsin version of a' SuperFan,' he also enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and running. In fact, in 2011, he finished the Madison Marathon. Which involves eating slices of different cheeses after each mile and cow-tipping. (Just teasing Jake, we are just really jealous that the Pack has owned our beloved 'Da Bears' for the better part of the last 20 years.)

Once again - welcome to the Family Jake! - We are glad to have you with us and, maybe we can convince you to become a Hawks fan, considering that Wisconsin doesn't have an NHL team, deal?