News / 7.16.15

Welcome to Epstein … Anthony Dary!

Our new ‘music creating, color-blind, photo-editing’ structural design engineer

We are pleased to welcome Anthony Dary to Epstein – our new design engineer within our structural engineering group.

Anthony comes to us from Valparaiso University (Go Crusaders!) where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. After receiving his BS, Anthony then completed an intensive 10-month program at Lehigh University (Go Mountain Hawks!) to earn his Masters of Engineering in Structural Engineering.

Anthony describes his hobbies as "infrequent creative endeavors." So what does that mean? Well – for instance, Anthony's played saxophone for 13 years (since 5th grade) and attempted to teach himself to play the piano and guitar. He then noodles around and composes and arranges music using his self-taught talent to then be 'creative' and compose songs. Lastly, for the tunes he likes best, he then makes lead sheets writing down the melody and harmony of his unique musical creation.

Anthony is also a photo and video maker and he loves to edit film, slideshows, and he also touches up/color corrects photos he's taken with his phone. A hobby that makes the next thing you learn about Anthony really interesting.

One of the little things Anthony finds funny about himself is that he is red-green colorblind, also known as Deuteranopia, which impacts roughly 6% of males. (Things you can quickly learn on the interwebs!) A vision deficiency that Anthony believes gives him an 'out' when it comes to the mismatching outfits he's known for! (True Anthony – it most definitely does, but we have to ask, how can you 'color correct' photos with this funny little quirk?)

Once again welcome to the family Anthony – and don't worry about your mismatching outfits – that's just par for the course when it comes to the engineering profession! (Just teasing! At least mismatching is better than just wearing all black like our architects and designers! See – we are equal opportunity offenders. BTW – count your blessings you're not in marketing and business development, those guys are total clowns!)