News / 12.18.15

Epstein Elves in Action

Helping Christmas come early for some of Chicago’s kids and families in need

Yesterday was Christmas at Epstein as many of our staff played the role as Santa's 'Elves' and provided presents for kids in need in Chicago. The very happy children you see here are students at 'High Mountain Head Start' located at 919 N. Lavergne in Chicago's Austin neighborhood. The kids are all aged 3-5 years old and are in a pre-school Head Start program there. Epstein participated in the Chicago Sun-Times "Letters to Santa" charity, where they pick a partner school at random and distribute their children's Santa letters to donors. Epstein's staff provided gifts for 32 children (….with several Epsteiners donating gifts for more than 1 child).

Pictured with the students from High Mountain are Epstein Elves E'Laina Craven and Ben Irving

In addition to our Elf work at High Mountain Head Start, Epstein's staff also participated in what was called "Stuff-A-Stocking," which is through Heartland Alliance. Epstein purchased stockings and distributed them to our employees, who then stuffed them with various goodies (toys, travel-sized toiletries, snacks) for young people aged newborn to 18 living in Heartland's shelters. Epstein donated 27 stuffed stockings (…again with several Epsteiners donating more than 1 stocking). And we also donated books from library to Heartland which will be used for adults in their shelters.

Thanks go out to all of our Elves as well as to the great organizations like Heartland Alliance and High Mountain Head Start for everything they do to help the less fortunate kids and families in Chicago.