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Epstein's nearly 70 years of experience in retail design has helped us understand the ever-changing needs of this industry.


Our long term retail expertise has given us the foresight to design spaces that address potential issues before they become a problem as well as design and space plan stores quickly while, also, considering issues such as:

  • Maintaining brand marketing standards
  • Enhancing customer experience,
  • Theft prevention,
  • Increase store efficiency,
  • Decrease time and cost of design and construction,
  • Decrease environmental impact.

Epstein believes that the design process should be seamless for our retail clients. Our teamwork approach to store design helps us maintain tight deadlines all year round. We have developed comprehensive organization standards and record keeping processes and these, combined with our review methods, maintain accuracy and eliminate errors.

For more information contact Randy Buescher, AIA at (312) 429-8003 or rbuescher@epsteinglobal.com