What We Do / markets / Industrial / Energy


For much of our 90+ year history Epstein's architects, engineers and construction professionals have helped provide solutions for real estate & facility challenges for clients in a variety of energy markets.


This experience runs the gamut from the design of manufacturing plants for the production of specialized electric distribution components to aid the War effort during the 1940s to battery production plants in the early 60s to our current work planning, designing and engineering renewable energy facilities like Biofuel refineries for clients like Honeywell.

In addition, Epstein's full-service menu of design, engineering and construction offerings has also helped energy providers like the Exelon and G&W Electric solve their non-production facilities as well, including spaces like new corporate headquarters and customer showrooms.

For more information contact Randy Tharp at (312) 429-8409 or randy.tharp@epsteinglobal.com