2012 - 2016 / Chicago, Illinois

O’Hare International Airport Taxiways K&L


Chicago Department of Aviation 2012 - 2016 / Chicago, Illinois


Civil Engineering





Epstein was the lead design engineer for the construction of new taxiways K and L which are located in the southwest airfield at O’Hare International Airport.   Taxiways K & L were designed for Aircraft Design Group VI and align parallel to existing Runway 10L-28R.  Taxiway K is 4400 feet long and Taxiway L is 2800 feet long.  Epstein’s design services included demolition, earthwork and grading, pavements, geometrics, NAVAIDS, drainage and storm water conveyance, erosion and sedimentation control, airfield electrical and lighting, utilities, fiber optics (FOT’s), pavement marking and signage.



Three alternate designs were developed during preliminary engineering which addressed various operational conditions for airfield movements and Runway 32L departures. Epstein performed geometric analysis to consider fillet layout options using both CDA and FAA criteria for the existing and proposed intersections within the project limits.  The project also included the relocation of Runway Visual Range (RVR) instrument, extensive relocations of various utilities, construction phasing and staging, sustainability options, value engineering, pavement analysis, taxiway lighting, fiber optics (FOTs), pavement marking, signage, grading and erosion and sedimentation control measures. As part of the stormwater drainage design, Epstein was responsible for the extension and relocation of an existing 16” force main that drains the Central Detention Basin. The existing dual submersible pump station was analyzed to verify it had adequate capacity to account for the increased head and increased length of force main. In addition, an existing shared communication ductbank was relocated due to its conflict with the proposed TW 45(K) profile and pavement section.  This required extensive coordination with AT&T, CDA operations and other stakeholders.  


The Epstein team also worked closely with the CDA/OMP and FAA to address the construction phasing options and assist in the preparation of the Construction Safety and Phasing Plan (CSPP). 


The Epstein design team also included design and engineering services from Michael Baker International, Inc., ADO Engineering, Inc., Globetrotters Engineering Corporation, J.A. Watts, Inc., Jones Moore Construction and Consulting, O’Brien & Associates and SPANN Tech, Inc.

The O’Hare Modernization Program team has found the Epstein team to be a collaborative group of professionals who represent the engineering profession exceedingly well.

Frank Grimaldi Assistant Commissioner, Chicago Department of Aviation


Engineering Excellence - Merit Award
2018, ACEC - Illinois


Thomas E. Smiles, PE
Senior Vice President, Director of Engineering