News / 12.30.14

Epstein Top 5 Completed Projects of 2014

# 1 – O'Hare International Airport Redevelopment of Terminal 5 Concessions Program

With the Westfield Design Team in the lead; Epstein collaborated with Westfield in providing Interior Design Development, Construction Documentation and Administration as well as Structural Engineering services for the Redevelopment of the Concessions Program at O'Hare International Airport's Terminal 5.

The general scope of this work included base building improvements and modifications required to prepare the new and reconfigured concession spaces, as well as redeveloped common areas and new TSA checkpoint.

The Concessions Program as developed by Westfield at Terminal 5 were expanded from 15,000 to 26,000 square feet. To accomplish this, the current TSA Checkpoint was relocated, new concessions areas were added throughout the terminal and infrastructure modifications were made to support this redevelopment.

Epstein's designers, working closely with the design staff from Westfield, developed environmentally responsible design solutions including taking advantage of existing day-light, new energy efficient lighting systems, and procuring building materials that utilize resource reuse, recycled content, regional origins, rapidly renewable materials & certified wood.