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Events / 1.21.16

Architects, Engineers and … Zombies

Last night, many of the officers at Epstein participated in a unique team-building exercise that involved collaboration, problem-solving, quick-thinking and … zombies. Yes, you read that correctly, zombies. You see 16 of our senior directors and prin...

News / 1.12.16

Seaboard Farms – Triumph Foods Construction Progress

Here are some photos taken a couple days ago showing the progress and frigid conditions of one of the largest projects we've ever undertaken as a Design-Builder – the Seaboard Triumph Foods Pork Processing Plant in Sioux City, Iowa. This 245-acre, $2...

News / 1.7.16

Welcome to Epstein … Anna Zhang!

We are pleased to welcome to Epstein one of the newest members of our construction group – Anna Zhang. Anna is our new assistant project engineer and she is currently working on the Seaboard Farms Triumph Foods Pork Processing project in Sioux City, ...

Blog / 12.31.15

Throwback Thursday - Year in Pictures

Today, as part of our Throwback Thursday series, we thought instead of highlighting just one of our past projects we'd put together a little year-end 2015 photographic collage showing all the projects we covered this year. From 1960's Arthur Winer Of...

News / 12.22.15

Construction Update: Daily’s Premium Meats

Today, we received photography, courtesy of Multivista Construction Documentation, showing the substantial progress of our Design-Build project in St. Joseph, Missouri for Daily's Premium Meats. This 140,000 square foot, $41.5M facility will produce ...

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